About "Take Off"

About "Take Off

About "Take Off"

Airline Industry in India is growing “Leaps and Bounds” to safely fly over 7 billion passengers annually to destinations and needs highly trained and skilled professionals to meet this requirement. “Take Off” is a programme suitably designed as per DGCA norms for aspiring students with little, to no flying experience to meet the challenges in skies. The programme is a culmination of decades of expertise in Aviation field of senior Airline Pilots and veterans of the Indian Air Force.


“Take Off” enables young aviation enthusiasts to launch one’s life style and career to an excellent and glamorous future ahead. It ingrains in him complex decision making and ability to understand and cope up with abnormal situations, which are the hallmark of a Commercial pilot.


We, at this forum are established to help students to avail better opportunities, appointments and assignments, after completing their studies/training. In a nutshell, we provide a gateway to the aspiring students to aim high and reach the pinnacle of success, with respect, status, perks and grandeur.


The institute has been operating in the field of Aviation since 2006, inclusive of Ground Subjects training for Commercial Pilot License, Airline Transport Pilot License, rendering Air Charter Services under different brand names. We have been providing our students a platform for flying training in reputed institutes in India and Abroad. Our ground training for CPL has helped students to complete their CPL, not only in India, but abroad as well, including USA, South Africa, New Zealand, and Thailand. Most of our students are already operating for a number of domestic and international airlines.


We are committed to provide a reliable gateway to the Global Aviation Learning at your doorstep, by providing necessary Counselling and guidance, access to class room training to achieve success in requisite ground examinations and flying training, to obtain a Commercial Pilot License.We have established a great deal to provide cost effective and time bound flying training in reputed Flying Schools not restricted to India, but also at various locations across the Globe.This helps the aspiring students to achieve their goal through professional excellence in an optimum time interval and in cost effective manner.


Government nod to open sky policies has created the immense opportunities into the commercial aviation in the country rendering better employment prospects.The Civil Aviation industry has ushered in a new era of expansion, driven by factors such as low-cost carriers, modern airports, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, advanced information technology interventions and growing emphasis on regional connectivity.


India’s aviation industry is largely untapped with huge growth opportunities. Air transport is still considered expensive for majority of the country’s population. To meet this huge market requirements we in “Take-Off“ encourage students at the Senior Secondary level who have passed their 10+2 stage with Physics and Mathematics and senior graduates/post graduates too, to catch up with this wonderful opportunity.


The dearth of job opportunities in the Engineering field has caused sharp rise among the unemployed engineers in the country today.We advise and suggest Engineering degree holders or those who are about to complete their graduation, to look forward and seriously consider commercial aviation as an alternative opportunity, which promises high paying and glamorous career option with plethora of job opportunities in near future


In case you are a Charter Customer, you may avail our personalized Charter Services and enjoy a wide range of travel and leisure benefits and all thanks to the relationships we have with our partners.